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Welcome to Precision Powder Coating


Welcome to Atlantic Canada's premier custom powder coating service EST in 2000. We are conveniently located in the Burnside Industrial Park Dartmouth NS.

Precision Powder Coating provides a commitment to customer service and quality of product.We carry many in house colors for quick service and have access to a further multitude of powders in different colors gloss's and textures. We have two curing ovens (5 x 3 ft & 14 x 7 ft) capable of curing objects up to seven feet tall seven feet wide and ten feet long.

Precision Powder Coating has provided service to a multitude of industries, institutions and companies ranging from aircraft, automotive parts recreational equipment, military gear, scientific equipment and construction material.

For technical assistance feel free to call we're open Mon to Fri 8 till 4
Our motto is " if it's made of metal, can cure at 400 f and fits in our oven we can do it"

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